December Roundup


It’s the last day of the month and AND THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR! This marks the final releases of the Song vs Song Challenge which pitted Alex McAllister against Daniel Cullinane. The victor? The kids. 24 songs were released this year. Each one generated revenue for Extra Life. We’ve been fortunate to raise over $1,100.00 this year. These songs will continue to make money for Extra Life.

So lets chat music! Alex McAllister’s Year Down is a reflection on feelings of a intense year of work. Daniel Cullinane’s Showdown is a story about a western town under siege by a gang.

This is where we talk about our next batch Spotify royalties and iTunes digital downloads. Unfortunately, they haven’t come in yet. There tends to be a delay during the holiday season. We’ll keep you posted!


From January through December, this is what went down with each artist:

Alex McAllister re-released his timeless album The Past Three Years and wrote 12 original songs that benefit charity with each play.

Daniel Cullinane Released 13 original tunes this year. 12 benefit charity with each play. 1 was a collaboration with Riles. Daniel also lent some help to Yolo Ma’s Data Heist Strut.

Yolo Ma released their debut EP Singularity along with 3 more singles. Touchin’ Stars also benefits charity.

Riles released two singles. Drift On which also supports charity, and Spark It. He also lent some great guitar work to the other artists.

Here’s what to expect from 2018:

More music!

Less blog posts 😦 We’ll save these for the big news releases and updates on charity donations.

As always, we want to take a moment to thank you for your support. If you are interested in helping 1up Tunes, please reach out to



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